Millesime 2010
Grand Cru


Since 1906, LALLIER is a craft manufacture of prestigious crus de Champagne. Our 2010 Vintage is pure, without any artifice. Thanks to its 100% Grands Crus blend of chardonnays from the Côte des Blancs and pinots noirs from Aÿ and Verzenay. It reflects the essence of the 2010 harvest.
The 2010 harvest The 2010 wine campaign is calm and under water stress until August 15th. After a cold winter (rare frosts) and a dry spring, the soil has been subjected to hydric stress. Mid-June, the flowering takes place. Summer temperatures set up early July. In mid-August, exceptional rains disturb the beginning of the veraison but supply the soil with water. Nevertheless, the vegetative cycle is favourable and is followed by a good ripening. Botrytis comes to settle on black grape varieties. We need to sort the berries of pinot noir that have been affected by rot. The chardonnay is slightly impacted by a microbial contamination, and we must not wait too long before picking it, but fortunately we are not affected in our vineyard of the Côte des Blancs. The harvest finally takes place from September 18th to 28th. At the end, it is the House work during the vegetative and harvest cycle that rewards us. And the year 2010 gave us a beautiful vintage!

Technische daten

Rebsorten45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir
LagenGrands Crus from the Côtes des Blancs and pinots noirs from Aÿ and Verzenay
Vinifikationalcoholic fermentation with LALLIER yeasts partial malolactic fermentation
Tirage100% of the wines of the 2010 year
Hefelagermore than 60 months in our old cellars
Degorgementaround 5 months before shipment
DosageBrut 7 g/l


Without any reserve wine, without artifice, the 2010 Vintage properly reflects the 2010 harvest. The 2010 Vintage arrived after the very mature 2005 vintage which is now part of the Memory Collection with older LALLIER Vintages. The 2010 Vintage is fresher, more mineral. Even after more than six years of ageing, this wine offers notably elegant aromas, still with citrus and white flesh fruits notes mixed with more mature and deeper notes such as honey, wax and light roasting notes.

Its mouth is crisp and generous, well balanced and without any harshness thanks to its creamy foam. It pairs with all gourmet food especially with fish and scallops “à la plancha”, slightly creamy and spicy poultry; all sorts of cheeses; with rather fruity delicious desserts.

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