Millesime 2012
Grand Cru


All about the 2012 harvest

The 2012 viticultural campaign will be remembered as a succession of climatic accidents: frost in February between -15 and -20°C but not very destructive because early in the season; spring frost in April-May (-7°C) very destructive because after early budburst! Violent thunderstorms and 10 episodes of hail destroyed grapes (April to mid-July); mildew, oïdium, shatter, millerandage and finally scalding in August (grapes burnt by the sun). In conclusion, we will have seen it all, a difficult year, a big loss of crop on the vine in 2012, but in the end a real satisfaction because the bunches that survived the climatic incidents are healthy and of beautiful maturity during the harvest from 18 to 28 september!

Technische daten

Weinlese18 to 28 september 2012
Rebsorten45% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir
LagenChardonnays from the Côte des Blancs. Pinot Noir of Aÿ and the Montagne de Reims
VinifikationAlcoholic fermentation with LALLIER yeasts. Partial malolactic fermentation
Assemblage100% wines from the year 2012
HefelagerMore than 7 years in our old cellar
Degorgement6 to 12 months before shipment
Dosage7 g/l


Our 2012 vintage Grands Crus is the very spirit of mealtime champagne. It goes marvellously with prawns or fish such as grilled turbot, With the Gaston Gérard chicken / mashed potato, and goat or sheep’s cheese. At the end of the meal, prefer a gourmet and caramelized dessert like a pear tatin. Open the bottle 30 minutes before pouring to enhance the expression of aromas.

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