Millesime 2002


The harvest 2002 The year 2002 is characterized by a shortage of water during the vegetative season (-20% compared to a normal year). Still, the vineyard is not lacking hydration and temperatures are favorable to its development. The only incidents to be noted for the season will be some damages due to a strong frost on April 15th, very localized hail on May 27th (Vallée de la Marne) and a few burns on the grapes. Parasitic developments (Mildew/Botrytis) are insignificant. Heavy rainfalls at the end of August raise fears of the worst reminding 2001. But beautiful weather makes a strong come back before the first pickers hit the vines. The fruit is concentrated, and maturity at its highest for picking from September 15th to the end of the harvest. From this chaotic year appeared an important grape concentration et a promise for structured a powerful wines, like in 1976, with the gentle and smooth approach of a 1989. In a tough climate, on very austere soil, Nature sometimes delivers a magnificent offering, a spectacular fruit with a unique story. So is 2002. 2002 is one the five most beautiful vintages of the twenty past years, with 1996, 1999, 2005 and 2008.

Technische daten

Rebsorten40% chardonnay and 60% pinot noir
LagenGrands Crus from the Côte des Blancs and from Aÿ
VinifikationAlcoholic fermentation with LALLIER yeast
Partial malolactic fermentation
Assemblage100% with wine of the year 2002
HefelagerUntil this year
DegorgementAround 5 months before shipment
DosageBrut 6 g/l


Of a bright golden colour with shimmering amber reflects, our 2002 offers strings of well present and very fine bubbles. Its nose is rich and generous, with floral, then red berries, and citrus hints; Rich in subtle aromas due to its slow ageing in the cellars and its maturity, it also expresses brioche, toasted bread and fresh butter fragrances. Perfectly balanced between freshness and maturity, the mouth is creamy, just maintained by a discrete sparkle.

2002 is a delight, a treat. Here is a Champagne for fine epicures, perfect for all occasions, with any type of guest. It offers charm at the aperitif through its smiling power. It generously matches smoked salmon, coq-au-vin, pigeon or other roasted quails. It will surprise you with floral cheeses (Brie, Chaource…). It echoes very well on a fruit tart, or stewed plum.

For a total release of its aromas, you can open the bottle 30 minutes before serving and keep it in the cold.

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