Ouvrage Grand Cru
Assemblage Parcellaire
Chardonnay – Pinot Noir

Dried fruits, Complex, Deep


Why Cuvée Ouvrage?

A hand-crafted creation of Lallier’s cellar master, standing as the sophisticated work of a lifetime. Ouvrage epitomizes the distinctive character behind the house of Lallier. Pure craftsmanship cautiously preserved and refined from generations past.

Lallier Ouvrage was born from a willingness to look further, embrace the world and enrich it with a contemporary champagne experience.

Technical informations

Grapes65% pinot noir, 35% chardonnay
CrusOger, Aÿ
Vinificationalcoholic fermentation with LALLIER yeastspartial malolactic fermentation
Blending80% wines from the year and 20% Reserve wines
Tiragebottle capped with cork and staple
Ageingminimum 6 years
Disgorgementmin 6 months before shipment
Dosage4g/L Extra Brut


Colour: luminous golden hues.
Nose: elegance and complexity, lightly roasted and mineral flavours.
Palate: sophisticated, fresh and long. Buttery and brioche aromas,
lightly toasted, with the fruitiness of apricot. Great fneness and length;
the finish is long end reveals subtle hazelnut notes

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