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Domaine LALLIER, a 15 hectare backbone

Domaine LALLIER’s vineyards provide the backbone for our skills and expertise. They cover just over 15 hectares of vines, most of which are Grand Cru and located in the Aÿ region.
Lallier’s own vineyards provide 40% of its total supply. We practice ”sustainable” viticultural methods to protect and respect the environment. No pesticides are used owing to practices such as sexual confusion and soil tillage.



« la crème de la crème »

Francis Tribaut is extremely rigorous in his management of production and personally oversees the selection of the grapes. He can often be seen running from press to press at harvest time.
 He works very closely with his winemakers to ensure they understand what he wants and provide the high quality he strives for.


Voluntarily limited production 

”Less is more”. This famous quote from the architect, Mies van der Rohe, neatly sums up LALLIER’s ethos. Whilst so many aim for higher and higher production levels, our Champagne house has chosen the wiser path: a limited production of 400,000 bottles per year.  For Francis Tribaut, this is the only way to meet the rigorous in-house quality demands and those of its loyal customers.

What makes
LALLIER different

Exclusively Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

In order to produce Champagnes of exceptional quality, LALLIER only vinifies the highest quality grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This Burgundy-inspired style shows once again that the quality of its champagnes is central to LALLIER’s values.

Parcel or commune selections: terroir and grape varieties

The Oger winery contains a large number of temperature-controlled stainless steel vats in varying sizes, which allow the different base wines to be kept separate throughout the vinification process. The result is an incredibly diverse profile of aromas and flavours that express their unique personality and terroir.

Home-made yeasts

Francis Tribaut has been using home-made yeasts for the wines’ alcoholic fermentation since 2007. These are grown and developed using natural yeasts sourced from Chardonnay grapes in the ”Loridon’‘ Aÿ Grand Cru , the domaine’s best parcel. Thanks to years of practice, LALLIER’s house style is well defined and the traditional technique of producing yeasts has been perfected.

Vinification with or without malolactic fermentation

In order to retain the freshness and authenticity of the end product, each year Francis Tribaut selects the still wines which will or will not undergo malolactic fermentation, depending on the profile of the wine and the vintage. This flexible approach guarantees that the champagnes will have excellent ageing potential.

The blend: an extensive range of base wines and judicious use of reserve wines

The yearly blending process is the magic moment when the LALLIER style emerges. A small amount of reserve wines (20%) is incorporated into the blend in order to guarantee the intense, creamy taste that makes LALLIER unique.

Subtle dosage to accentuate the natural texture

The dosage liqueur is made using still wines intended for the production of two of our emblematic Champagnes: Blanc de Blancs and Ouvrage Grands Crus. LALLIER believes in the importance of letting each blend express its unique terroir and preserving the wine’s original aromatic profile. Our liqueur dosage is therefore kept as low as possible in order to respect the intrinsic qualities of each Champagne.

LALLIER’s style is built on precision, finesse and balance in order to provide ultimate drinking enjoyment.

Each Champagne reflects its true personality. On the nose and on the palate, the champagnes are open, generous and complex, with a texture which is often referred to as creamy and indulgent.

This is why our champagnes are so well-suited to gastronomy.The house style has a natural elegance. It’s about a sensation and a culmination, a beginning and an end, a mystery that words cannot express. Our Champagnes have all that is required to create a moment of pure drinking pleasure.


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Our champagnes are our best ambassadors. They speak on our behalf each day, in France and around the globe, in Michelin-starred restaurants, good bistros and fine wine stores.   They are enjoyed at home by all those with a love of excellence. That is where we belong, wherever fine wine and good food come together.


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