R.012 : The R-evolution by Lallier

The Série R joined LALLIER’s Permanent Collection from September 2015. With a new haute couture inspired, textured label, a new code appears.

This code is easy to decipher, the letter ‘R’, the first letter of ‘Récolte’, the French word for ‘harvest’, is followed by a three digit number denoting a specific year, e.g. R.012 means that this new champagne is mostly based on the 2012 vintage. Each Série R Champagne is therefore the reflection of the LALLIER style, expressed through a predominant vintage.

The Série R range will therefore logically expand each year: R.013 and R.014 will succeed R.012, etc., taking champagne-lovers on a fabulous voyage through the vintages, after these have spent a few years maturing in the cellars.

Through this innovative and educational approach, Francis Tribaut wanted to highlight exactly what makes LALLIER different:
• Parsimonious use of reserve wines in order to preserve the authenticity of the vintage, as far as possible.
• Champagnes produced exclusively from the two noble grape varieties of chardonnay and pinot noir.
• Blends of single vineyard selections, by village and by grape variety, including LALLIER’s best Grand Cru terroirs, in every champagne.
• The use of LALLIER’s own starter yeast for vinification, followed by a long ageing period in the cellars and low ‘dosage’ to preserve the original texture of the champagnes.

The Série R champagnes ideally symbolize the LALLIER style: precise, personal and distinguished.


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