Between the Marne and the southern slopes of the Montagne de Reims, where the historic heart of the Champagne region beats, there has existed in Aÿ for over 115 years a house with a history that is both discreet and passionate: Lallier champagnes.

A respected & forward-looking boutique champagne house, with a 115+ year legitimacy in champagne-making and a constant attention to liquid quality.

Born from such a sincere and spontaneous ethos, Champagne Lallier is not to be saved only for rare occasions. Lallier brings a bright and lively energy to genuinely elevate every shared moment.


At Lallier, we’re fascinated by what nature brings each year. In our Champagne, we want to translate the purest and most refined expression of nature’s essentiality. We celebrate each renewed details of its personality and expresses terroirs’ individual truth.
The result is a refined multi-sensorial experience. In the fine bubbles, you will taste the four emotions of Lallier signature style: fresh, deep, pure and intense.

HVE certification

Preserving our soils and terroirs while protecting nature through eco-responsible vine growing practices, which ultimately helps producing the highest-quality grapes possible. As it all starts with exceptional grape-quality.

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